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BUILDING VALUE FOR YOUR IDEA CHANNELS Now that you have built your value, identified and understand your customer, how do you deliver the value to your customers/beneficiaries? In this section, you will learn how to build strategy on how to best deliver value to your customers/beneficiaries in a way that meets them where they are …

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Customer Relationships

BUILDING VALUE FOR YOUR IDEA CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS Now that we’ve identified who our customers and beneficiaries are, it may take some work to understand how best to engage with them. In this section of the canvas we’ll be looking at how to create and maintain connections with our customers and beneficiaries so we can continue …

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Customer Segmentation

BUILDING VALUE FOR YOUR IDEA CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION Have you thought about who it is that you are building value for? In this section, you will be working through identifying what a customer is, and breaking down who this customer is as it relates to the value you have proposed. You will work through the process …

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Value Proposition

BUILDING VALUE FOR YOUR IDEA VALUE PROPOSITION The heart and soul of the canvas, your Value Proposition communicates the value you have to offer your customers through your business. Here, we spend some time thinking about how we can fulfill the needs of our customers based on the problem they are experiencing that your business …

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Developing a Problem Statement

BUILDING VALUE FOR YOUR IDEA DEVELOPING A PROBLEM STATEMENT You’re here because you have an idea, right? That idea comes from a need, or a problem you’ve identified that your business or initiative will address. This section will help you unpack your problem into one sentence, and help you communicate why your business exists and …

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Design Thinking

BUILDING VALUE FOR YOUR IDEA DESIGN THINKING Welcome to Design Thinking. In this section you will learn to understand the problem deeper, from a more human centric perspective, and be able to frame the problem in an easy to understand manner. Watch the entire video below to complete this topic! ASSIGNMENT For this assignment, use the …

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Goal Setting

SELF CARE FOR ENTREPRENEURS GOAL SETTING Watch the entire video below! Time for an assignment! Download your assignment in the Resources Folder above or click on the assignment icon on the left. Now that you’ve completed the worksheet, it’s time to test your knowledge. Take this short quiz to advance to the next topic! …

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6: IMPLEMENTING YOUR IDEA PART 4: ARTICULATION Welcome to Articulation! You have come a long way to get here. Have you ever asked yourself what are the factors that can help you communicate better and more effectively in written format? Have you ever asked yourself, what causes your audience on the other side of your …

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