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Our courses have been designed with YOU in mind – building on the principles of the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Programme – a programme born in 2011 and one that has grown to see over 4000 young people building their community in the spirit of innovation, leadership, and social change. The Academy – a FREE platform seeks to extend this opportunity to all young South Africans. 

It’s a self-led blended learning journey. So how you approach it is all up to you. We encourage you to explore your passions and follow your dreams. We have a team that’s ready to support you during the process.


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Nailing that Interview

Are you feeling nervous about your upcoming job interview? Do you want to increase your chances of landing your dream job? Look no further than our interview skills course. Our comprehensive course is designed to help you ace your interview by equipping you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed!

Guide to Acing interviews!

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Financial Management during the Festive season

Do you find yourself spending waaay too much over the Festive season, despite all your best efforts to keep your pocket happy? This Course gives you some practical tips and tools to help you better manage your finances and step into the New Year better equipped to deal with the “Janu- Worries.”

Be Money Smart

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Social Media for Social Change

The world of social media is moving fast every day and platforms are introducing new ways that contribute to making the user experience more interesting - more effective.

Start Influencing


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Understanding Stress

Consider this a long-awaited GIFT, to YOURSELF. This gift is like no other, it is the gift of TIME, in the process of SELF-DISCOVERY or maybe even SELF-HEALING. During this process, you award yourself the opportunity to listen to WHAT your body is experiencing, WHY you are experiencing this and what your body is CALLING OUT for. But more importantly, you award yourself the opportunity to RESPOND!

Relax, Stop Stressing

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Strengthening Resilience

YOU have been born with the capacity to do great things, things only you can do that nobody else can do. Are you ready to stay in the ring and keep fighting this great battle called life? Come learn some tools to help you bounce back every time! 

You’ve got this!

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Self-Care Advent Calendar

This time of year is meant to be joyous - for a number of reasons. Some of us are off from work, offices have closed, the school year has come to an end, families are getting together to spend quality time…. It’s a special moment. One that we should be present in.

Mark Your Calendar!


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Side Hustle

Traditionally, the side hustle or job or side gig is known as that additional thing you do on top of your full time job, to earn some extra income. For us, the side hustle is that extra thing you do on top of your regular day anything.

Get hustlin'

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Welcome to the Leadership Course — created with YOU in mind. We are presented with an opportunity to celebrate the many different ways to define leadership – to understand leadership … and to embrace leadership.

Your journey


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What is SONA?

The State of the Nation Address is one of the most important annual events in Parliament’s Calendar but what's so special about it?

Let’s Talk!

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The National Budget and Me

Understand why the National Budget is so important for our country, and more so, how you can support what informs the government’s priority list as an active citizen.

Dive In!

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ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Module Two

Welcome back to the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers course - Module Two! In completing this course, you join the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers network and gain access to resources, opportunities and meaningful connections.


Human Library

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Conversations with Icons: Thuli Madonsela

You’ve heard of Superheroes, but did you know we have one right here living among us? Join us for another incredible Conversation with Icons as we learn more about a Superhero in her own right, Thuli Madonsela.

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Speak Truth to Power!

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Conversations with Icons: Rachel Kolisi

The very ethos of Rachel Kolisi’s work is to address inequality in this country, to ensure that the way in which she parents all her children - is in integrity, compassion and kindness - and most importantly, in authenticity. Start this conversation and find out more about how Rachel views and does life a little differently…

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Do Life Differently!

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Conversations With Icons: Rosina Mamokgethi Phakeng

Mamokgethi's life story reminds us to stay on the path we want to take, to pursue our dreams unapologetically, and to stay on the ground and serve those we lead. Learn more about her efforts to make education fashionable.

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