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About Us

ACTIVATE! has been around for almost ten years and we are building on our experience and knowledge of what capacities a      human being needs to flourish. Sadly for many young South Africans, opportunities can be scarce. Our harsh reality is that our economy is broken, few jobs available, access to educational resources is limited, and the global economy is changing. How can young passionate citizens that have so much potential find a way to achieve their dreams?

We are a team of very passionate specialists who dream of a world where great educational content is free and available to all, and that there are no longer young South Africans excluded.  We know this will take time but the Academy enables us to offer very special learning journeys to anyone who can access them across the country, for FREE. 

We also have a team of very dedicated and passionate facilitators, some of whom are focusing on communities and others on courses across the country. They will be your guides to a learning journey for life. 

 Why an online Academy?

Young South Africans hold such incredible potential, passion and hope for a better future and these dreams should absolutely be realized. Sometimes, though, we are faced with many challenges. 

How can I find work? How can I afford an education? How can I feed my passion? What kind of career can I have? 

What if you asked some different questions, instead… like… What sort of adventures can I have? What can my life look like? What can I achieve through believing in myself and what I am capable of?

 The world around us is filled with many challenges. How can young passionate citizens flourish? 

 We may have a few ideas. 

The ACTIVATE! Academy offers a highly accessible digital environment, filled with resources, opportunities and ideas on how to grow your capacity in various fields, find your joy and spark creativity. And, this is the really cool part – you can do it via your phone. Amazing, right?

This is why we are developing a blended e-learning platform – it means we can connect to more young people who need us most and that we can offer this platform to for FREE.

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