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So why leadership? If our strategy is about capacity building that leads to social solidarity and action that drives change, we need leaders that can do that. We need young people who can most importantly lead themselves, through focus and hard work, to change their own life trajectories for the better and drive better outcomes for themselves through their own efforts. The other and most probably bigger part of leadership is for young South Africans to paint a vision of the future they are yearning for and through leadership and interconnectedness they can drive this forward.

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  Course includes:

  • 71 Videos
  • 17 Resources
  • Access on mobile
  • Certificate of completion

What You'll Learn

We have broken the course into four focus areas, namely understanding leadership (this will grow a learner’s knowledge on leadership and give access to some of the thinking behind it as shared by other experts and thought leaders), capacity building toolkit for leaders (this will help learners grow their skills and provide some practical and accessible stepping stones that can be used to become a great leader), accessing resources (this will signpost useful resources we have found during the research phase) and finally inspiration for transformational leaders where case studies and stories will be shared as a showcase of leadership that has opened up opportunities, delivered social solidarity or driven a special change. We will be using Activate stories as well as some interesting and compelling case studies. 

A very important part of our challenge is bringing the learner into the leadership role and showing that they can grow their leadership skills to achieve a better tomorrow, this is a golden thread that runs through this course.

Course Content

  • I understand what leadership is? 
  • I understand how leadership works?
  • I can see myself as a leader
  • I recognize the styles of leadership and can use them in situations I am faced with(I can apply them appropriately)
  • I can lead myself into a better future by seeing where I want to be 
  • I understand the values that drive action and adopting values that drive a better tomorrow
  • My own leadership skill
  • Vision setting
  • Goal setting 
  • Actioning goals and achieving success
  • Inspiring others 
  • Building trust
  • Building and leading teams
  • Fostering mental health and wellbeing in myself and others
  • Becoming a great transformational leader
  • Situational Analysis and awareness.
  • Leadership resources
  • Books
  • Websites
  • Podcasts
  • Radio Shows
  • Toolkits
  • Games
  • growing opportunities for myself, my family, my community, my team, my country
  • delivering social solidarity
  • driving change for myself, my family, my community, my team, my country


These will include stories of Activators, of individual leadership, of great leaders and potentially stories of future leaders as the world changes



  • This course is suitable for anyone.


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