Welcome to the A! Academy


The ACTIVATE! Academy is a place where you can become a student – of your
own life – and uncover your potential and grow your capacity to build a better
and richer future. We offer a series of courses to aid you on your journey. Our
focus is on mindset (how you feel about yourself and the world), skills (practical
things you can learn to add value to your life and career), knowledge (information
that’s useful) and interconnectedness (relationships with each other that hold
positive value for our lives).

Intrigued? We bet you are!

Grow Your Capacity

The ACTIVATE! Academy offers a highly accessible digital environment, filled with resources, opportunities and ideas on how to grow your capacity in various fields, find your joy and spark creativity. The really cool part – you can do it via your phone. Amazing, right?

Develop Yourself

We’re growing – we’re learning more about you, about South African youth and through meaningful research and engagement, have created courses that can support young people in developing themselves and their ideas.

A Youth Portal

The Academy is also a youth portal, a place to go to get useful information, make useful connections, be inspired by others and grow your capacity. Think of it as your digital hangout – make new friends, share your ideas and learn from one another.

Instant Access

The Academy is also a home for your life-long learning, accessible anywhere and anytime. So, sign up, because, as a member of the Academy you will gain access to useful resources and connections even if you are not actively doing the courses we offer. You’ll also get the lowdown on new courses in development before anyone else. Whether you are at senior school or in your twenties and thirties, this is a place for you to access your inner potential. 

“Young people today hold an incredible potential – several passions – and hopes and dreams that should absolutely be realized. Sometimes, though, we are faced with many challenges.”

“How can I find work? How can I afford an education? How can I feed my passion? What kind of career can I have? What if you asked some different questions, instead… like… What sort of adventures can I have? What can my life look like? What can I achieve through believing in myself and what I am capable of?

And although, for many young South Africans, opportunities can be scarce. Our harsh reality is that our economy is broken, jobs are scarce, access to educational
resources is limited, and the global economy is changing. How can young passionate citizens flourish?

We may have a few ideas to help you along your way!”


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Relationships with each other that hold positive value for our lives; building community through the celebration of our offerings and our stories

Information that’s useful, relevant and supports your context and your goals.