Welcome to the Academy Forum

Heita! Here it is – ask your questions, tell us your story – share your experience with others who are journeying through the Academy platform. 

Stuck along the way? No problem! Reach out and ask a fellow student for help. Looking for a study buddy? Post your ad here! 

Have a thought about how to take it further in your own journey? Switch that light on for the whole team. 

Oh – and you have mad bragging rights, here, too. So when you’ve completed a course – come on over here, loud and proud, and chat about what it was like. 

There are topics – you know, because we like to chat and we’re sure you do, too – so participate where you can. Happy to have you here! 

Our digital facilitation team will post topics on forums related to a particular course. Go in, check it out, share your thoughts. If you like what you’re reading – favourite the discussion – so that we know what topics to send your way in future. Also – follow the discussion – click the “notify me of follow-up replies via email” tick box.. So that you get updates when things change.

Ok, so, like any community, there are values and ground rules. The same way you won’t just drive through a red robot (right? Right??!) … there are some do’s and don’ts that we have put in place in the interests of keeping it civil. 

  1. Stay Classy, San Diego

Repeat after me …. “I (your name) will not be an internet troll or bully. I will not be THAT person. I will be considerate of my forum community.” 

For real. 

We will not tolerate abuse, bullying, harassing or threatening other users. If you do, we will boot you out of here, like IMMEDIATELY. 

Want to report abuse or bullying? Send a mail to:

  1. Keep it real 

This is a forum for Academy courseware. Not spam. Not promotional content. Not anything else that does not directly relate to the academy. 

Oh – and you absolutely cannot post answers to quizzes or assignments because where’s the fun in that?

Also – stay on topic. If you want to sidebar the conversation – then take it offline. Ever wake up to 143 WhatsApp messages from one group? Yeah, well, that’s not cool here either. Stay focused. 

  1. Community goals 

Homie, we wanna be friends, okay? So let’s be chilled, kind, civil. If you disagree – holler a gentle “andivumelani nawe” that person’s way. No need to get personal or go into attack mode. Be lekker. 

  1. Language: Use whole words

So we are all different ages here – some of us grew up in the time of MXit and the vocabulary has been impacted. ASL? Others grew up throwing around phrases like “DM me” and that’s cool. However, when we’re in this space, we are interacting with such a diverse group of people who speak different languages and have different social media experiences – let’s just be mindful, yeah?

The language of choice on the forum is english. 

  1. A word to the wise

Your personal information is yours – but other people’s personal info is stuff they need to hold on to. So don’t post that here. If you know a homie’s cell phone number – it does not mean that you get to place it on a forum for everyone to see. That goes for all personal info like full names, ID numbers, addresses and so forth.



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