National Certificate Course in Community Development

· 11th Nov 2021

National Certificate Course in Community Development

Welcome to the National Certificate Course in Community Development!

A course that professionalizes and equips your community development approach with the right attitude, mindset and competencies to design, develop and implement human centric approaches that foster sustainable socio-economic and political development for the 21st century.

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More about this course

The National Certificate Course in Community Development in an NQF Level 5 course on the South Africa Qualifications Framework band and the qualification weighs 154 credits with the course outcomes been to:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of community development theories, approaches, principles and processes that can be applied within various community development contexts. 
  • Conduct community-based research to inform community development interventions. 
  • Examine and apply the relevant legal and regulatory framework to facilitate sustainable and integrative community development. 
  • Explore and co-ordinate networks and partnerships, with due regard to diversity, in pursuit of meeting community requirements in an ethical manner. 
  • Plan, design and manage a community intervention. 
  • Select and apply appropriate leadership and/or management styles/models for the purpose of promoting community well-being. 


The course consists of three (3) modules:

Module 1-Community Development Theory & Practice

Module 2-Youth Development and Peer Education Intervention

Module 3-Formalizing a Community Development Intervention 

Some of the overarching course topics broadly covered in the 3 modules above are shown in the 8 sections below, with a brief overview of what to expect in the course. 

  1. Community Development Theory

We explore theories of community development and we look at strategies towards Community development. Through this course you gain foundational understanding of community development as a concept. This course enhances your ability to drive your community interventions using the right skills and tools effectively)

  1. Advocacy, Networking and Partnerships

Looking at strategies for creating collaborative partnerships and networks that further your community interventions. This also includes an introduction to Advocacy. It enhances your ability to collaboratively with others either through networks or partnerships to amplify the work you do. Creates opportunities of sustainability and scalability of the work you are doing.

  1. Developing community intervention plans

Developing a detailed and usable project plan for your community intervention. This course provides you with project skills that can be applied in any context. It helps you in the design of your project implementation to be effective and efficient thereby better enabling the achievement of your project objectives.

  1. Research

An introduction to research concepts and the process of research that you can use to strengthen your understanding of the challenges and solutions facing your community. Students will have to conduct research and produce a research report as part of this process. 

Through this course you gain competencies in research that can be applied in other contexts opening up possible employment opportunities and funding. The course enhances your community development work as you are able to propose and implement research based solutions.

  1. Peer Education

This focuses on peer education as a strategy to enhance youth development within your particular context. The course provides a holistic approach to research and facilitation skills that increase your and employment opportunities.

  1. Organizational Development and Management

In this course the focus is on formalizing a community intervention focusing on leadership and management within a CBO or NPO. We also look at managing volunteers, developing workplace policies and monitoring budgets.

Through this course you professionalize the work you do as a Community Development Practitioner in addition to providing you with skills and knowledge to set up your organization or community project with the right systems for your operations and funding opportunities.

  1. Conflict Management

Strategies and techniques for managing conflict within an organization or community at large are explored and through this course you are equipped with the tools to manage conflict in your personal life, work and community.

  1. Human rights

Unpack the history of Human Rights and how it effects community development, looking specifically at promoting ethical and non-discriminatory practices. The course helps position you within a global and historical context of community development, thereby enabling you to design and implement human rights approaches to your community work.

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