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Self – Care

Research suggests a strong link between active, positive self-care and success in various aspects of our lives. In our society, the need for hope, self-belief, self-love is at an all-time high.

Woo sah!

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Turning Ideas Into Reality (Self-Led)

You will be going on a journey of bringing that idea you hold dear to life.

Make it happen!

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Welcome to the Leadership Course — created with YOU in mind. We are presented with an opportunity to celebrate the many different ways to define leadership – to understand leadership … and to embrace leadership.

Your journey

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Introduction to Innovation

As we drive change in our own individual ways, together as a team, and through the work that we are doing, we generate innovative solutions to old problems and new challenges.

Spark creativity

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CV Writing

Okay, you’ve seen an ad for a great job. Something that is right up your alley. They’re asking for your CV. It’s cool, we’ve got you!

Get that job!

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Side Hustle

Traditionally, the side hustle or job or side gig is known as that additional thing you do on top of your full time job, to earn some extra income. For us, the side hustle is that extra thing you do on top of your regular day anything.

Get hustlin'

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Grow Your Idea

This course aims to help YOU overcome some of the hurdles and mental blockages of starting something new.

Big ideas ahead

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Soil for Life

With this course you will gain a solid foundation of knowledge and tools to help you grow an abundant organic garden.

Plant your seed

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TIIR Masterclass

For those who completed the Turning Ideas Into Reality (self-led ) course, you were introduced to basic entrepreneurial concepts and the Business Model Canvas tool. In this Masterclass, we’ll take you deeper into understanding how to develop those concepts and tools even further for the growth of not just your enterprise, but of you as an entrepreneur. 

Closed until 2022

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ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Module One

In completing this course, you join the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers network and gain access to resources, opportunities and meaningful connections.


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Talking Through Conflict

One of the biggest issues that we face in maintaining healthy relationships, at work or at home when conflict arises, is knowing how to react in a manner that is constructive - effective and positive.

Start talking

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Explore your poetry skills as we take you through this learning journey.

Express yourself

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yeSoil for Life

Lena imfundiso yeSoil for Life engokulima izitshalo egcekeni lakho. Lemfundiso enconyiwe isineminyaka igudla emphakathini yase Kapa, futhi yenza nenqwaba yamagceke ukuthi abe yizingadi ezikhiqiza ukudla okuningi.


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Ukubhala i-CV

Masithi ubone isaziso somsebenzi - kanye kulento oyenzayo - kwaye kuthiwa faka i-CV yakho. Kuhle, sizokunceda ngalonto!


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ACTIVATE! Change Drivers Module Two

Welcome back to the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers course - Module Two! In completing this course, you join the ACTIVATE! Change Drivers network and gain access to resources, opportunities and meaningful connections.


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Project Planning

This course is designed to equip you with skills and knowledge to plan and manage all types of projects.

Start Planning!

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Own Your Year

It’s a brand new year - new opportunities, new dreams. So let's take a moment to think about what's important to your growth and how you can go about making it a reality.

Own it!

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Social Media for Social Change

The world of social media is moving fast every day and platforms are introducing new ways that contribute to making the user experience more interesting - more effective.

Start Influencing


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